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Prepare For Complex Real Property Transfers Through Your Estate Plan

Whether you are concerned about how to plan for the transfer of ownership of your family home or the management of investment real estate in connection with your estate plan, Louis C. Anderson, J.D., P.L., is a valuable resource. We serve clients near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as well as out-of-state clients with estate matters to resolve in our region. We welcome your inquiry about any of the following issues regarding your real estate holdings:

  • Titling of your real property
  • Including your real estate in your will
  • Providing for eventual transfer of your real property through one or more trusts
  • Gifting real estate to charitable organizations through foundations and other means

We Can Assist Through The Entire Property Transfer Process

When you design provisions for your real estate in your estate plan, your concerns will mirror those of people who are preparing for buy-sell transactions, including the purchase and/or sale of residential homes, condominiums, co-ops or commercial properties. For best results, work with a law firm such as Louis C. Anderson, J.D., P.L., with experience in the following real estate transfer issues:

  • Title examination, title insurance and title defect curing
  • Resolution of inspection issues
  • Dispute resolution
  • Real estate closings related to your estate plan
  • Registration of legal documents
  • Escrow and delivery of documents by courier and wire transfers

Our firm has ample experience expediting real estate transfers. We are thoroughly knowledgeable about the necessary steps for title transfers. We incorporate provisions for these matters in our estate planning and administration practice.

Property Transfer Options

We can advise you on property transfer tactics that many people have attempted such as ownership in joint tenancy with survivorship rights; tenants in common; adding children on to a title and incorporation of real estate in IRAs. We can help you understand the impact of such actions on homestead exemptions in Florida, property appreciation, tax benefits or capital gains liabilities, and protection from creditors.

The greater the value your real estate has, the more complex the issues may be in connection with the transfer of that property. Anyone who hopes to pass on real property to family, loved ones or charitable organizations should ideally foresee and address potential complications such as aging factors and changes in health of the grantor(s). For example, should Medicaid planning be a consideration?

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